Maggie Brooks Named to Young Guns Program

Maggie Brooks, the Republican candidate for Congress in New York's 25th district has been named by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to official 'Young Gun' status. The top-tier honor has gone to only 21 other Republican candidates in the 2012 campaign who met and exceeded a stringent set of organizational and fundraising benchmarks.

From the official statement on Maggie's website:

 “I am honored to join only 21 other congressional challengers from across the nation in qualifying for top-tier status within the NRCC’s Young Guns Program at this point in the 2012 campaign,” said Brooks. “Following an outpouring of support from local voters since we announced our intention to bring the Monroe County record of success to Washington, I am proud that our message of more jobs, lower taxes, and higher quality of life is garnering significant national attention as well. Together, with the backing of the NRCC and the continued support of local voters, we will take our good government record to Congress this Election Day.”.

Brooks is running in a re-drawn 25th district contained entirely within Monroe County, where she has been elected five times to county-wide office by resounding margins. Brooks is a dedicated and respected leader who receives near universal name recognition and consistent voter support, advantages unparalleled by most first-time congressional candidates.


You can read the entire release and learn more about Maggie Brooks' remarkable campaign by clicking here


JUST WORDS: Despite pledge not to take money from lobbyists, Obama has relied on the lobbying industry to raise millions

Obama Backers Tied to Lobbies Raise Millions

The New York Times

October 28, 2011

Eric Lichtblau


Delaware County GOP has a NEW website!


ICYMI - State Republican Chair accuses Destito of ethics violation, OGS says photo was taken before her confirmation

Story Created: Sep 2, 2011 EDT

DECISION 2011 (WKTV)- The New York State Republican Chairman says former Democrat Assemblywoman and current state Office of General Services Commissioner RoAnn Destito is violating the Governor's ethical standards by appearing in campaign mailers for the democrat seeking her assembly seat.

The ads are set in places that do business with the Office of General Services, such as SUNYIT in Marcy.

"In an advisory opinion offered by the New York State Ethics Commission with regards to state officials having involvement in political campaigns, they ruled, 'No officer or employee of a state agency...should use or attempt to use (their) official position to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for (themselves) or others..." said State Republican Chairman Ed Cox.

Cox and the committee are calling on the governor to enlist his Joint Commission on Ethics to investigate the matter.

Commissioner Destito is one of several members of the governor's cabinet who traveled the state earlier this year, advancing the importance of ethics and the governor's proposed ethics reform.

Late Friday night, Heather Groll from the Office of General Services released the following statement. "She has been a public figure for many years so there are many photos of her out there. She cannot control how her image is used or by whom. This photo was taken prior to her confirmation and no laws were violated. Since last week, Commissioner Destito has been singularly focused on storm preparation and response efforts. This will continue to be her top priority as the families, communities and businesses affected by Hurricane Irene work towards recovery."


Cox: Cuomo's Unfinished Jobs Agenda - NY Post

New York Post

Albany - July 21, 2011...On Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo announced a key part of his plan for his second six months in office: a $10 million ad campaign aimed at "business leaders across the world."

Sorry: That's not delivering on the governor's extensive unfinished agenda. With Cuomo's end-of-session focus on marriage, major issues crucial to New York's fiscal and economic recovery wound up receiving at best cursory treatment.

As Cuomo himself noted in demurring last week to vice-presidential speculation, "We're literally hemorrhaging people from our borders right now."

Once you factor in our higher cost of living, New York families are among America's poorest. As the state with the heaviest tax burden and the least economic freedom, New York ranks at the top in the export of jobs and productive citizens.

Yes, the governor won widespread praise for his first budget and legislative successes. But in his campaign, he pledged a fiscally responsible, job-creating government -- and key changes are yet to come.

Local government-mandate relief, reform of government pensions and benefits, job-creating tax reform and education reform are only some of the politically difficult matters requiring Albany's attention.

Driven by state and federal mandates, which can eat up 85 percent or more of a county budget, New York property taxes are double the national average.

Yes, the governor joined Senate Republicans in passing one of the country's strongest property-tax caps. But relief from state mandates addresses the major of high local property taxes.

The Medicaid mandate is by far the most onerous. Letting counties structure their own Medicaid programs or capping counties' Medicaid obligations would unite funding and program responsibilities -- reducing costs and improving services for the nation's most expensive Medicaid program.

Cuomo said last week that public-pension reform will be his top goal for next year. Given the unions' power, meaningful reforms will be difficult to enact. To set an example and end the connection between longevity in office and pension benefits, a first step could be adopting defined-contribution plans (in line with private-sector pensions) for future elected and appointed officials.

Also vital is to selectively and intelligently reduce taxes affecting businesses and job creation -- so that New York can stop being America's No. 1 exporter of jobs and people. The days of assuming that America's most productive people will come here, despite our tax and regulatory schemes, ended long ago.

Then there's school reform -- which is not just an economic imperative, but also a matter of social justice. New York spends top dollar on K-through-12 education, but gets mediocre results. That's especially true in our inner cities, where access to a good education has become the civil-rights issue of our time.

Key reforms include fostering more effective charter schools, merit pay for teachers, more aid to parochial schools and the elimination of stultifying laws such as "Last in first out" for teacher layoffs. Can Cuomo end Assembly Democrats' resistance on these fronts?

Some of New York's decay is purely physical -- with the decrepit Tappan Zee Bridge as the poster child. Albany needs to promote public-private partnerships to repair and modernize our aging infrastructure -- and breathe life into the stagnant construction industry.

New York is falling behind competitive states in the Midwest, where GOP governors and legislatures have used their political capital to improve the fiscal and business climate and attract jobs. These states not only erased large budget deficits without raising taxes, but also often went the rest of the way -- reforming government-worker pensions and benefits (and even the related labor-negotiation laws), cutting taxes for business investment and enacting far-reaching school reforms.

Albany faces a daunting political agenda of leftover matters. As the chief executive officer of this blue state, Cuomo must focus on New York's government-driven economic problems and use all his vaunted political skills and carefully preserved political capital just to keep New York competitive and stop the hemorrhaging of jobs and citizens.

Ed Cox is New York State GOP Chairman.






Businessman and fed up New Yorker Bob Turner (R), a reform candidate for the congressional seat vacated by Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner (NY-9, (Brooklyn, Queens) today called on Party machine candidate and career-politician David Weprin (D) to join him in supporting the overturn of Obamacare – the Medicare-gutting health care takeover that will cost New York taxpayers billions and reduce the level of care nationwide.

Mayor Bloomberg and Democratic Governor David Paterson passionately opposed Obamacare because of its damaging effects on health care in New York, especially in New York City. In all, Obamacare will cut $500 billion from the Medicare program.  Mr. Weprin did nothing to oppose it as an Albany politician, despite its clear detrimental effects on New York State.   

“David Weprin has been a politician so long that he seems to have forgotten what real people care about,” Mr. Turner said. “Hint: they want to choose their own doctors and they don’t want Washington bureaucrats in the examining room with them. As a member of Congress, I will fight to preserve Medicare as we know it by overturning Obamacare.  Will Mr. Weprin make the same pledge?”


ICYMI - Big Gov't Not the Way to a Better Economy

By: Carly Fiorina
July 12, 2011


The engines of a thriving economy can be stalled by politics and bad government policy. Incentives for innovation can be ignored — until innovators and job creators move elsewhere.

Today, when any job can go anywhere, they may not come back. At a time of relentless, hyper-paced global competition, competitive advantage can be lost — and never regained.

Consider California. Once a haven for innovators, job creators and dreamers of every kind, its population is now shrinking and its unemployment rate is at historic highs. Despite some of the country’s highest tax rates, California also has one of the highest budget deficits. Businesses of all kinds are strangled in a thicket of regulation and the people who should be served by government aren’t.

California demonstrates that even one of the world’s largest economies can reach a tipping point — where the disincentives for economic growth and job creation overwhelm even extraordinary human talent and natural resources.

Yet President Barack Obama and his allies seem determined to impose California’s economic experience on the nation. Look at what’s happened so far: Our nation has started down the slippery slope of lost opportunity. Democrats’ failed stimulus package, 9.2 percent unemployment, $14 trillion in debt, not to mention the economic damage that could be done by Obamacare and the hundreds of regulations yet to be written under the Financial Regulatory Reform Act.

This has been on my mind since Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, asked me to help Republicans regain the majority in the Senate in 2012.

Republicans understand that the American dream starts with a job. Maintaining our economic power in the world requires that we create jobs here at home. While America has been the world’s most prolific and productive innovator, we are not on a trajectory to sustain our innovation and leadership.

But job creators could count on a majority Republican Senate to uphold three core principles fundamental to U.S. economic vitality.

First, it would decentralize power whenever possible. Whether in business or government, decentralizing power holds decision-makers more accountable to their customers and constituents. Decentralized decision-making is faster, more innovative and more flexible — all vital in a complex, constantly changing world

Second, it would value individuals ahead of institutions. Republicans place their faith in an individual’s ability to choose his or her own path and distrust that a faceless bureaucracy is better at making decisions. Modern technology helps the individual to be smarter and more effective than a bureaucracy.

Third, Republican senators know that job creators make better decisions for our economy than government agencies. Job creators in any size business are held to account: by customers’ demands for a good product at a good price; by investors’ demands for a good return, and by the challenge of competitors to do it better or cheaper.

Republicans understand that government must set appropriate boundaries for risk in a capitalist economy. But the bottom line is that when businesses profit, they grow and hire.

Democrats disagree with these principles. They put their faith in bigger government. And the government bureaucracy has grown. So government is less manageable and less transparent.

Ours was intended to be a citizen government. That is why it is important for those who understand what it takes to create jobs and sustain businesses get involved in the political process. Job creators play a special role — for they are the true purveyors of the American dream.

Read more:


They Said It! Another Top Obama Adviser Says High Unemployment Doesn't Matter

Obama Senior Adviser David Plouffe: “The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers.” (Julianna Goldman, “Unemployment Rate Won’t Hobble Obama’s Re-Election, White House Aide Says,” Bloomberg, 7/7/11)

Just One Month Ago, Obama Adviser David Axelrod Said Talking About The 9.1% Unemployment Rate Was A “Meaningless Discussion”:

Obama Adviser David Axelrod Said Talk About 9.1% Unemployment Rate Is A “Meaningless Discussion.”
“‘One monthly job figures are more robust than expected and everybody goes tearing up the one direction, and the next month they're not as good and they go in the other,’ Axelrod said, referring to the negative reaction that greeted news of May's anemic jobs growth. ‘For the average person this is a meaningless discussion, what is meaningful is what they experience in their own lives.’” (Sam Stein, “David Axelrod Downplays Bad Jobs News, Says Austan Goolsbee To Play Big Reelection Role,” The Huffington Post, 6/8/11)

The Obama Economy That Obama’s Top Advisers Say Doesn’t Matter:

The Current Unemployment Rate Is 9.1 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 7/6/11)


  • The Unemployment Rate Has Remained Above 8 Percent For A Record 28 Straight Months And 13.9 Million Americans Remain Out Of Work.(Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, Accessed 7/6/11)

81 Percent Of Americans Say The Current Economic Condition Is Poor.(CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, 1015 A, MoE 3%, 6/3-7/11)

57 Percent Of Americans Say An Economic Recovery Has Not Begun.(ABC News/The Washington Post, 1002 A, MoE 3.5%, 6/2-5/11)

58 Percent Of Voters Disapprove Of Obama’s Handling Of The Economy.(McClatchy-Marist Poll, 801 RV, MoE 3.5%, 6/15-23/11)

60 Percent Of Independent Voters Disapprove Of Obama’s Handling Of The Economy. (McClatchy-Marist Poll, 801 RV, MoE 3.5%, 6/15-23/11)


Schumer, New York Constituents, At Center Of Tax Hike Fight


Democrats' Message Guru Strikingly Silent On Effort To Raise Taxes On New York Job Creators

- As the camera-loving Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer has become well known for his Sunday press conferences where he holds court on issues ranging from caffeinated malt beverages to new legislation prohibiting sex offenders from working at carnivals. 


But as both parties continue to debate hiking the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by an additional $2 trillion, Senate Democrat leaders, including Schumer, continue to dig in and insist on at least $400 billion in new tax increases to offset any spending cuts.  And the normally voluble Schumer is suddenly silent and circumspect in commenting on how several of these new tax hike proposals would land disproportionately on job creators in New York City. 


As the Wall Street Journal reports today:


·         Another administration proposal would change the tax treatment of earnings for many investment-fund managers, ending a practice critics regard as unfair. Fund managers often receive an interest in the future profits of partnerships, in return for managing the investments. Under current rules, that share is taxed at capital gains rates, usually 15%, rather than the higher rate for wages.  Supporters of the current system say fund managers' partnership interest, known as "carried interest," is really an investment, not wages, and ought to be taxed as such. A similar proposal failed to pass the Senate last year despite lengthy negotiations. Mr. Obama's February budget proposal called for ending capital-gains treatment of carried interest for a range of "investment-services partnerships," not just hedge funds. The administration's latest proposal would raise about $20 billion.


"As the Democrats' message guru, Senator Schumer has positioned himself at the heart of the Democrats' fight to raise taxes.  Yet, instead of standing up for his constituents in New York, he's helping to lead the charge in making them pay for his reckless spending record in Washington.  While we're sure there are some in New York who may appreciate their Senator's courageous stand on caffeinated malt beverages, why is Chuck Schumer suddenly silent when it comes increasing taxes on job creators in New York City?" National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brian Walsh said today.


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Celebrating Individual Freedom this July 4th

Celebrating Individual Freedom this July 4th


Fireworks, family, friends - and food - are the usual features of Independence Day celebrations here in New York and across America. But July 4th isn't just about commemorating our independence from Great Britain. It's about celebrating what has made America a great nation and an inspiration to the world for more than two centuries - the independence of the individual. As Republicans we know just how important true individual independence from government is to preserving the American way of life. We understand and appreciate that in this nation, individual liberty and the strength of people must be of greater importance than the whims and excesses of government.

At a time when government is growing at an unsustainable rate and many wish to create a culture of dependency in this nation, perhaps it's time to look at Independence Day a little differently. Let's use this holiday weekend to rededicate ourselves to the principles, ideals and aspirations of our Founders. They believed that the people should rule and government should serve. Our Republican philosophy of smaller, limited, more liberty-minded government is needed now more than ever to preserve our nation's independence and individual freedom.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. God Bless the United States of America.
Ed and Tricia Cox and the Officers and Staff of the New York State Republican Party