Dean Skelos, Senate Coalition Leader

New York State Senate

To All New Yorkers,

What a difference a year makes.

As 2010 drew to a close, the State was facing a $10 billion budget deficit caused by massive overspending, New York was on the brink of bankruptcy and couldn’t afford to pay its bills.  Homeowners were drowning in record high property taxes, and leaders of industry and government were unable to market New York as a place to launch or expand a business.

Then, voters chose Republicans to lead the State Senate.  

And a year later, New York is turning the corner.

How’d we do it?  By focusing on three basic priorities - - cutting spending, cutting taxes and helping the private sector create new jobs.

Senate Republicans eliminated the entire $10 billion deficit without raising taxes.  We imposed real fiscal restraint and scrutinized every purchase and every dollar that was spent - - just like New Yorkers are doing to meet their family’s budget. 

We enacted a property tax cap and approved millions of dollars in mandate relief.

And recently, we eliminated the MTA payroll tax for 80 percent of the businesses who pay, cut the corporate franchise tax in half for manufacturers, and delivered a middle class tax cut for 4.4 million taxpayers that will usher in the lowest tax rates in 58 years.  By doing so, we’ve laid the foundation for the creation of thousands of good jobs so young people can secure a job and a future right here in New York.  

2011 has been a true New York success story, and Senate Republicans are quickly making this State a more attractive place to live and work.

This year, we'll continue to focus on what’s important to businesses, taxpayers and their families, so we can keep moving in the right direction.


Senator Dean G. Skelos

Coalition Leader of the New York State Senate

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