New York Republican Party Holds Press Conference to Launch New Television Spot and Outline Mission of "Take Back New York" Program

Albany, NY....September 28, 2010 - The New York Republican Party and State Chairman Ed Cox held a press conference in Albany today to announce their new 30-second television ad and outline details of the NY GOP’s “Take Back New York” (TBNY) program highlighting the Republican solutions of lower spending, less taxes and more jobs to combat New York’s economic crisis.  

Click here to view the television ad and see where we've been so far aboard the TBNY bus.

In general, the party’s TBNY mission is a multifaceted approach aimed at recapturing the State Senate majority; winning a veto-defensive fifty-one State Assembly seats; earning victories in as many possible at-play congressional districts; and generating base turnout to help statewide candidates earn electoral victory.  An overview of our multilayered plan includes our new 30-second television spot to set to begin airing today; a targeted direct mail campaign; launching call centers throughout the state and aggressive GOTV support calls; and our “Take Back New York” bus tour and series of rallies, which began with events in seven counties last weekend alone.  The TBNY tour-bus pulled in front of the capitol building prior the press conference, providing reporters with an opportunity to observe the NY GOP’s newest vehicle employed to enable Republicans to carry their message to voters across New York state.

“Our Republican message of spending less, real private sector job growth, and lowering the tax burden on small businesses is gaining traction across the entire political spectrum,” said State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox.  “The goals of our ‘Take Back New York’ program and our new television spot are to reinforce these messages and generate enthusiasm for our Republican candidates who are best equipped to rescue the state.” 

The Republican State Committee’s new “Take Back New York” cable spot was screened during the press conference.  It details the failures of one-party, Democratic-rule in Albany and underscores the danger inherent in Democrat attempts at returning to more of the same by nominating Andrew Cuomo as their standard bearer and candidate for Governor. The Republican counter-message presented in the spot encourages voters to “Take Back New York” by supporting the party’s policies of lower taxes, less spending and real job growth.

The TBNY bus tour will connect Republican leaders and candidates with thousands of voters throughout the state and offer a powerful logistical platform from which our candidates can launch their aggressive general election efforts.  The tour itself began last Thursday, September 23rd, in Orange County.  Over three days, the tour covered over 1,000 miles, canvassing 7 Counties, 4 Congressional Districts, 6 State Senate Districts, and 7 Assembly Districts.  The NY GOP has already ran key events and conducted rallies and media availabilities with candidates such as Harry Wilson for State Comptroller; George Phillips, Nan Hayworth and Tom Reed for Congress, and Tom O’Mara for State Senate.  Over the next month we plan to reach out to voters all across the state as they join in our efforts to "Take Back New York."

“The ‘Take Back New York’ bus campaign represents an incredibly effective tool through which state and federal Republican candidates can continue to run our campaigns while mobile and visiting several towns within a single day,” said Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 22nd district, George Phillips. “In a district as big as mine, the ability to incorporate county chairs, elected officials, grassroot activists and Republican State Assembly and Senate candidates into my rallies and events provides a unique and invaluable synergy to the efforts and messaging of our campaigns.”

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