New York State Republicans Nominate Dan Donovan As Their Candidate for Attorney General

New York, New York . . . June 2, 2010 – The New York State Republican Party nominated Dan Donovan as its candidate for New York State Attorney General on Day 2 of the State Republican Convention..  After years of Democrat corruption and dysfunction in Albany, Donovan promises to provide the oversight needed to restore integrity and public trust in Government.

Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci received enough support from convention delegates to earn a primary for attorney general, having received 40.21 percent of the votes from State Committeemen and women, but chose instead to back the party’s official designee, Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan, who received 59.79-percent.  Donovan, in accepting the nomination, thanked Antonacci and announced he would be the Donovan campaign’s upstate co-chairman.

“For the first time in several years, New Yorkers can rest-assured their next Attorney General, Dan Donovan, will dedicate himself to ending the Democrats’ culture of corruption by shining a spotlight on the legislators’ conflicts of interests,” said State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox.  “For too long, the A.G.’s ffice has been occupied by political opportunists such as Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer before him, who used the office as their own career-oriented political launch-pad.  Finally, New Yorkers will have a real, experienced, and successful prosecutor in Dan Donovan as their next Attorney General.”

Donovan currently serves as Staten Island District Attorney, and was the first Republican elected District Attorney in New York City in over fifty years.  He has a proven track record of attracting support from across party lines.  Donovan was overwhelmingly re-elected in 2007 with nearly 70% of the vote, and received the endorsement of the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties.

As District Attorney, Donovan has made the conviction of dangerous felons a top priority. Today, his felony conviction rate stands at a staggering 94-percent, the highest in the New York City.  Additionally, his office has ensured 100-percent of all repeat drunk-driving offenders serve time in prison.  Donovan has not been afraid to think outside-the-box to find novel ways to protect his constituents.  In fact, he became the first prosecutor on Staten Island to use New York’s Hate Crimes statute to prosecute against bias crimes, and the first to obtain a conviction under Stephanie’s Law, which targets video voyeur criminals who secretly tape their victims. 

Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer used the Attorney General’s office to bolster their image during their insatiable quests for higher political office.  During each of their tenures, Cuomo and Spitzer looked the other way while their Democrat colleagues ran roughshod over the State’s ethics laws.  Hypocritically, Spitzer even aggressively prosecuted prostitution rings, while patronizing prostitutes himself.  However, Spitzer is not alone, in the past two years New York has seen Democrats Alan Hevesi, Hiram Monserrate, Eric Massa, Charlie Rangel, Ann-Margaret Carrozza, Gregory Meeks, Pedro Espada, John Sampson, Malcolm Smith and David Paterson engage in conduct that has betrayed the public trust.  Dan Donovan has promised to end this Democrat culture of corruption, and the era of Democrats providing kickbacks to special interest groups, and bilking New York’s taxpayers out of millions of dollars will finally be over.